When you’re planning your next video production, podcast or even a live stream, think about longevity and how you can keep the content relevant. Be aware that your content will still have impact for years to come, once it’s online, it’s there forever unless you remove or update it. It’s easy to forget what content you have out there that’s still racking up views. …

This year, the plan was to have the conference in-person in Auckland, but as another wave of COVID-19 threats hit Auckland the decision was made to take the event online once again. …

Event transcripts from live streams can be used as a blog and key points from the transcript can be used for social media posts. Check out Auckland Conversations to see how they post and share their various types of content after a live stream.

We also recommend having captions on videos wherever possible to make your content more accessible. If you’re uploading your videos to an online video hosting site like YouTube or…


Livestream, webinar, virtual seminar, webcast — there are so many words out there to describe a livestream as it continues to grow as a popular form of content. Whatever you call it, the outcome is the same — connecting with your audience in a remote or virtual form instead of in-person.


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Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all heard of Zoom and giving more and more presentations online. Some great, some good and some not so good! So to help you out here’s our 3 tips and tricks on how to nail a online presentation.


To start, you’ll need to have your desktop computer or laptop with a webcam, headphones and a microphone. Make sure you have the software we’ve recommended installed and a good internet connection. Remember some software won’t work on a tablet or mobile, so always use a computer. Check with us if you’re not sure.

So how do you make yourself look and sound great? Dress simply and professionally and set up in a room with a plain background. Try a few options, but keep it simple. Your main source of light should be from in front of you, not behind…

There’s lots to think about when planning an event, but small elements can make your event a huge success or a big failure.


To ensure a stable and reliable stream, we need access to wired internet and power. Cabled internet is far more reliable than wifi (even highspeed) and prevents any dropouts in the stream. We will discuss this with you in the planning stages of the stream and scope out the best location for us to set up during our site-visit, but it’s helpful to know these essentials are ticked off the list as soon as possible.


It may seem obvious, but we need to hear your presenter or whoever is on stage as well, not just the people in the room…


When you start thinking about making a podcast, there’s lots to consider. Tandem managing director, Dave Dunlay, has produced a comprehensive list of questions to get those juices flowing and start your planning properly.

Dave’s been at the forefront of new media in New Zealand — including podcasting, social media and online video. In August 2005 (the same year YouTube began) he produced Tandem Studio’s first YouTube video. Tandem has now uploaded over 25,000 videos to YouTube! He’s produced hundreds of podcasts since they became a main source of media and entertainment, co-producing the award winning Black Hands: The Bain…

Here are five that you can re-purpose your video content:

1/ Transcribe the audio (Facebook, tweets and your website blog)
2/ Grab still photos (Pinterest, Instagram…


Tandem’s 3P process: Plan — Produce — Publish (™) is at the core of everything we do throughout every production. This exclusive process means we work with you to get the results you want to ​efficiently​ ​​create​ ​your​ ​content​ ​on​ ​time​ ​working​ ​to​ ​your​ ​budget.


The key to good production is planning; you have to have a strategy. In the introductory stages of your project, we work with you on all aspects of the planning:

  • Creative concept
  • Storyboarding, scripting and preparing interview questions if needed
  • Logistics, such as the best filming location, talent and sourcing and booking a voiceover artist…

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